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December 20th, 2020    

Episode 32 - Wave 9 Commander Rankings

Join us and listen to shmitty, Biggs, and Truthiness argue about totally arbitrary rankings of Armada commanders.  Then hop on our Discord at to join in the conversation.

December 2nd, 2020    

Episode 31 - Armada 1.5 Rules Update!

We are very excited to finally record this show talking about the Armada 1.5 Rules Reference Update.  Biggs, Truthi, and shmitty are joined by Geek19 from Canotgetyourshipout to talk about all of our excitement for Armada 1.5.

December 1st, 2020    

Episode 30 - More Clone Wars and 1.5 Spoilers!

shmitty is out with a bad back, so GP joins Biggs and Truthi to breakdown another round of Clone Wars Spoilers!

November 16th, 2020    

Episode 29 - Separatist Starter Fleet and the Atomic Mass Games move

Crabbok joins the Steel Strategy Crew to talk about the Separatist Starter preview and the announcement that Atomic Mass Games would be taking over production of FFG's Star Wars Miniature Games

November 9th, 2020    

Episode 28 - Galactic Republic Spoilers

The gang is all here for a quick discussion of the galactic Republic Starter Spoilers posted by FFG

October 28th, 2020    

Episode 27 - Why we play Armada

We get all nostalgic in this one and talk about what initially drew us into Armada and what has kept us playing.  After that we discuss some rules updates and how they impact the Intel squadrons and Admiral Chirpy.  Also, special bonus guest song from Ted and Faith of the All Fighters Follow Me podcast and Star Wars Squadrons discussion.

September 18th, 2020    

Episode 25 - Judgement 2, the judgening

No shmitty this time, but Biggs, Truthiness, and Geek19 are here to judge a series of listener fleets.  Pretty sure there is a new song in there too, or maybe just a tribute.

August 20th, 2020    

Episode 24 - Leia, Ace Limit, and Wide Area Barrage

Geek19 from Cannot Get Your Ship Out joins the Steel Strategy crew to discuss the updates to Leia, the new 4 Ace limit, and Wide Area Barrage.  Also, Biggs shares a truly awful fleet.

August 6th, 2020    

Episode 23 - GenCon reactions and Michael Gernes Interview!

We are back with more reactions from GenCon, some thoughts on the new refresh mechanic, and a jank fleet from Truthiness.  Oh yeah, AND AN INTERVIEW WITH ARMADA LEAD DESIGNER MICHAEL GERNES!!

August 1st, 2020    

Episode 22 - GenCon Live Show!

This is the audio recording of our GenCon Live show where we go over the newly announced Clone Wars ships and spoilers.  Check out the pictures on the blog.

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