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May 21st, 2020    

Episode 18 - Defensive Tech, Fleet Ambush, and a Madine Fleet

Biggs and shmitty are joined by Justin Rasmussen to talk defensive tech and when you should use it.  We also find out if Fleet Ambush is Coaster or Gold before Justin shares a Madine fleet with us.

May 4th, 2020    

Episode 17 - Listener Fleets and Jamming Field

Truthiness, Biggs, and shmitty get together to discuss the pros and cons of some listener submitted fleets.  Which leads us into discussing whether or not Jamming Field is Coaster or Gold?

April 23rd, 2020    

Episode 16 - Movement Shenanigans, Projection Experts, and a blog grudge match!

Biggs and shmitty are joined by John (geek19) from CannotGetYourShipOut to break down all the movement shenanigans in Armada and why they are hard to use.  Then we talk about Projection Experts before Biggs and Geek break down their upcoming Vassal/Leia grudge match.  

April 21st, 2020    

Episode 15 - Dice Modification, Advanced Projectors, and what else we play.

Biggs and shmitty are here to talk about how we approach dice modification in our fleets, what we think of Advanced Projectors, and how we spend our gaming time during social distancing.

April 11th, 2020    

Episode 14 - Rebellion in the Rim campaigns

Biggs and Truthiness are here to talk Rebellion in the Rim campaigns, discuss whether Cluster Bombs are Coaster or Gold, and look at a janky fleet for RitR campaigns.

March 27th, 2020    

Episode 13 - Clone Wars Spoilers

FFG gave us Clone Wars Spoilers today.  We take a few minutes to break down what we learned.  

March 18th, 2020    

Un-Named Live Show 3/21 @ 3:00pm EDT

Hello subscribers Biggs and shmitty are going to try their first live show.  We were planning to do this at Worlds, but are going to roll it out now.  

We would love audience participation and have a Discord server setup for the occasion:

Join in, ask us questions, maybe we will have a guest or two drop in!


Saturday March 21st, 3:00pm EDT

March 17th, 2020    

Episode 12 - The Chewies, Command Dial Officers, and Palpatine/Onager Jank

Biggs and shmitty are joined by Madaghmire as he presents his "Chewie" awards.  He's been doing this on the forums since Wave 1 and agreed to come on the podcast and walk us through this waves winners.  After that we discuss the 6 point officers that let you set your command dials and Mad shares a Palp fleet he's been using.  Oh and it's Biggs birthday!

March 10th, 2020    

Episode 11 - Prime Data, FAQ, and the Grand Inquisitor

Once again all 3 members fo the Steel Strategy blog are here for the podcast, just not at the same time.  In the first half of the show Biggs and Truthiness go over the Prime Data, then Truthiness stpes out so Biggs and Shmitty can go over the new FAQ and decide if the Grand Inquisitor is Coaster or Gold.

February 27th, 2020    

Episode 10 - Commander Rankings, Ketsu Onyo, Wallex Blissex, and Double Pelta Jank

Biggs and shmitty are back and we are finally joined by the third member of the Steel Strategy team, Truthiness is on the Podcast!  In this episode we break down a tradition on our blog of ranking the Armada commanders into tiers.  Once we get through that Truthiness tells us all whether Ketsu is Coaster or Gold, we learn all about Wallex Blissex, and then dive into a Double Pelta jank fleet. 

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