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September 18th, 2020    

Episode 25 - Judgement 2, the judgening

No shmitty this time, but Biggs, Truthiness, and Geek19 are here to judge a series of listener fleets.  Pretty sure there is a new song in there too, or maybe just a tribute.

August 20th, 2020    

Episode 24 - Leia, Ace Limit, and Wide Area Barrage

Geek19 from Cannot Get Your Ship Out joins the Steel Strategy crew to discuss the updates to Leia, the new 4 Ace limit, and Wide Area Barrage.  Also, Biggs shares a truly awful fleet.

August 6th, 2020    

Episode 23 - GenCon reactions and Michael Gernes Interview!

We are back with more reactions from GenCon, some thoughts on the new refresh mechanic, and a jank fleet from Truthiness.  Oh yeah, AND AN INTERVIEW WITH ARMADA LEAD DESIGNER MICHAEL GERNES!!

August 1st, 2020    

Episode 22 - GenCon Live Show!

This is the audio recording of our GenCon Live show where we go over the newly announced Clone Wars ships and spoilers.  Check out the pictures on the blog.

July 22nd, 2020    

Episode 21 - Skilled First Officer, Support Officer, and Squadron Rankings

Biggs, Truthiness, and shmitty are back with another podcast just for you.  We recap some of what's been going on in the Armada community before discussing whether the command Stack officers are Coasters or Gold.  After that we preview our tier rankings for squadrons.  The last few minutes Truthines and shmitty discuss another game they've been enjoying lately.

July 2nd, 2020    

Episode 20 - Upgrade Priorities, Malee, and Triple Onager

The whole crew is on this episode to talk about our upcoming GenCon live show, how we prioritize upgrades, whether or not Malee is Coaster or Gold, and talk about a Triple Onager fleet we found.

June 4th, 2020    

Episode 19 - Beginner Fleets and NK-7s

Biggs and shmitty discuss what makes a good fleet for teaching Armada to new players and offer a couple of examples.  Then we dive into NK-7 Ion Cannons to discuss whether they are coaster or gold.  Thanks for listening.

May 21st, 2020    

Episode 18 - Defensive Tech, Fleet Ambush, and a Madine Fleet

Biggs and shmitty are joined by Justin Rasmussen to talk defensive tech and when you should use it.  We also find out if Fleet Ambush is Coaster or Gold before Justin shares a Madine fleet with us.

May 4th, 2020    

Episode 17 - Listener Fleets and Jamming Field

Truthiness, Biggs, and shmitty get together to discuss the pros and cons of some listener submitted fleets.  Which leads us into discussing whether or not Jamming Field is Coaster or Gold?

April 23rd, 2020    

Episode 16 - Movement Shenanigans, Projection Experts, and a blog grudge match!

Biggs and shmitty are joined by John (geek19) from CannotGetYourShipOut to break down all the movement shenanigans in Armada and why they are hard to use.  Then we talk about Projection Experts before Biggs and Geek break down their upcoming Vassal/Leia grudge match.  

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